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Your child with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), learning difficulties or other disorders with or without hyperactivity will probably have rechecks every few weeks to see how he is doing and to monitor for side effects of any medications he is on. Your physician may also have follow-up rating scale forms for use at home and at school. For all this, further information and for the carefully monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of your child's treatment the online symptom tracking tool ADHD e-Monitoring has been started.


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ADHD Online Monitoring System

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Dr. Walter Hultzsch, physicist, pediatrician and ADHD coach from Munich, Germany, has developed the ADHD e-Monitoring, an internet-based symptom tracking tool to monitor medical or behavioural intervention in children with ADHD or other behavioural disorders. The online symptom tracking tool collects rating scale datas and generates easily understandable tracking graphs that correlate behavioral and self report changes with medical treatment of your child. The symptom tracking tool is based on the WFIRS-P Parent Report (Margaret D.Weiss If you participate, you and your health professional will benefit from this online tracking tool. All trackings should be printed and discussed with the child's physician, teachers or therapist.

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Included with the ADHD Monitoring System is a online Family Counseling Program for the everyday stress encountered when parenting an ADD child. To help families learn the skills necessary for optimum interactions within the family. It involves training in communication skills, interpersonal relation skills, skills in preempting and defusing conflict, conflict resolution, setting of boundaries, discipline and the inappropriate use of punishment.

The ADHD Online Monitoring System received the ADHD-Research Award in 2003.

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Please consult the health professionals at the clinic for diagnosis and advice on treatment options applicable in your circumstances. The contents of this web site, the ADHD e-Monitoring System and the Family counceling Program are intended for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or form the basis for self diagnosis or start or change medication of your child.

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